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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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josh, thanks very much. that will do it for me. "cnn newsroom" continues with don lemon. i'm on facebook and twitter. have a great week. >> thank you very much. i'm don lemon. a man started shooting inside a hair and nail sa money outside milwaukee, wisconsin. here's a shopping center where it happened, seven people were shot. police say three of those people are dead. they believe that this man is their shooter. right there. police say they know where he lives. they have his car. they're trying to figure it out. a live report moments away. violent protests erupted in beirut after the funeral of lebanon's assassinated intelligence chief. general wa saw him wa saw him a was killed friday. some protesters are blaming syria for the assassination and
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pointing fingers at lebanon's government which is linked to hezbollah. syria's government and hezbollah have condemned the assassination. more ahead from beirut in this broadcast. at least 85 people were killed in syria today, including five children and five women. syria's bloody sift war is more than 18 months old. the u.n. arab league envoy president with charles assad in damascus. the envoy is trying to broker a cease-fire before an important muslim holiday begins on friday. debate prep sunday as we're one day away from the third and final presidential debate. tomorrow night it's about foreign policy. candidates are likely to square off about the handling of benghazi and conflicting reports about nuclear talks with iran. live coverage begins monday night at 7:00 eastern on cnn.
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former united states senator george mcgovern has died. his family made the announcement saying mac govern died before dawn at a who is spice in south dakota. a decorated bomber in world war ii, mcgovern was elected who the outside in the 1950s, to the senate in the 19 skis. he was the 1972 democratic nominee for president. he lost to richard nixon. george mcgovern was 90. lance armstrong, still a rock star to people who support the livestrong organization. he spoke to these charity psych lists today in texas, calling the past few weeks interesting and at times very difficult. a growing doping scandal forced armstrong to give up chairmanship of livestrong and a bunch of sponsors gave him up too. police or a manhunt west of milwaukee looking for a willer. brookfield, wisconsin. witnesses say a man walked into
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a nail and hair salon and started shooting. this is an active investigation right now. susan candiotti is on it. fast-moving developments. what do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: a special tragedy this morning. we know this man is 45 years old. his name is radcliffe hougten. police have been trying to locate him since this tragic shooting began. shortly after that nail and hair salon was scheduled to open at about 11:00 local time, noon eastern time, law enforcement officials tell us the shooting began when a gunman walked into that salon, an employee saw someone with a gun and stead something to the effect of, look, if you're going to rob us, rob us, and that's what the person started firing. police say they brought a bomb squad to the scene because they found an improvised explosive device, some kind of a home made
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bomb in that salon which involves two stories. and this is what they said about trying to clear that particular area. >> in the process of clearing that building, we believe we have identified what is being described as an improviced explosive device, which is also hampering our clearing of that building. milwaukee -- i believe the city of milwaukee bomb squad is here and is assisting us in that endeavor. >> now, authorities have been at that man's house ever since. they have been searching it and searching it is some more and we can tell you this, don. we know that on october 8th of this month, according to court papers, that a restraining order was taken out against the suspected shooter in this case. it doesn't list hot petitioner is but there are reports he was estranged from his wiferess it is called a domestic restraining order. we can tell you that. so in fact, i also heard from a
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law enforcement official they believe this might have something to do with a domestic problem of some kind. >> i also want to clear something up. some of the affiliates are reporting this gunman may be dead inside the salon. no confirmation on that at this point? >> swore expecting a news conference from the police chief any time now to see whether he will confirm those reportth that the suspect may be dead and possibly inside his house. >> susan candiotti, thank you very much. appreciate your reporting. >> >> beirut is in chaos after the funeral for the nation's intelligence chief assassinated two days ago. angry crowds are demanding the retirement of the prime minister. more from beirut. >> reporter: tensions that began at the funeral have boiled over. this angry crowd trying to break through barriers here. they are demanding the resignation of the prime minister, trying to march to the prime minister's office over
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here. now they are engaging in clashes with police security forces, tear gas is being deployed. they are demanding the resignation of the prime minister. we heard this rhetoric at the funeral today. that's what has driven most of these people out into the streets marching on to the government offices conferencing the security forces. >> translator: bashar al assad's government, we don't want such a thing, we don't want our prime minister to be the leader hiding ba saw her's crimes. >> many people here wondering if this is a harbinger of things to come here in lebanon. cnn, beirut. a terror plot called 9/11 "2" was disrupted by jordan's
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intelligence department. the source told cnn the u.s. embassy in ahmmman appeared to the target. 11 suspects associated with al qaeda's ideology are in custody, all suspects are jordanian citizens who moved in and out of syria. other targets reportedly included shopping centers, neighborhoods, and diplomats. the name 9/11 "2" suggests the plot was set for november 9th, the seventh anniversary of the last attack in jordan. the candidates for president hours away from going at it in one final debate. this is with a full focus on foreign policy. new information about cuba's fidel castro. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
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16 more days, americans will decide who their next president's going to be in artery have hours both candidates will debate each other for the third and final time. president obama spent the day at camp dade preparing. romney, boca raton, florida. he took time off to toss a flag football coin toss. that's indicative of how the election is going -- at this point, anybody's game. now from boca raton, florida, mark, this debate is on foreign policy. i want to start with mixed messages about iran and the u.s. returning to the negotiating table to talk about iran's nuclear program. what do you know about that, what's the larceny on that? >> the latest right now is the fact that the "new york times" has a story, they published it
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yesterday afternoon, that says the united states and iran have agreed in principle to have a discussion, a one-on-one discussion after the election, about iran's nuclear capabilities. i have to tell you the administration has said that is not true, that there is no agreement for the administration to meet with iranian leaders after the election. lindsey graham, who's one of the top surrogates for morm, was on fox news sunday and he did address the issue this morning. >> i think the iranians are trying to take advantage of our election cycle to continue to talk. as we talk with the iranians, whether it's bilaterally or unilaterally, they continue to enrich. >> here you have lindsey graham, talking about this story, about whether there will be one-on-one negotiations. mitt romney was asked this question today. he chose not to answer it. as you said, don, this is all about foreign policy, or maybe it's not. tomorrow night's debate certainly will be centered on that. they'll be talking about israel and iran.
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they'll be talking about afghanistan and pakistan. they'll be talking about china. don, they will also be talking about the economy. that's the number one issue in this election. >> that is the number one issue in this election. foreign policy has i think 4% people think it's a priority when it comes to who they're going to vote for. how important is this next debate, mark? traditionally, debates don't make much of a difference, put after the president's performance in the first debate, he lost momentum, now mitt romney is gaining momentum. >> not only did he lose momentum nationally, he's lost momentum in battle ground states right now. tomorrow night is the most important night of the election, we say that every week. i know we sound like a broken record. the fact of the matter, that is true. whoever turns in a strong performance tomorrow night might be able so per swaud some of the undecided voters to actually support them when it comes to voting in november. 16 days from today, 15 days from tomorrow, very little time to change people's minds.
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this will be seen by tens of millions of people across the count country. this is opportunity for someone to try to break. >> appreciate it. cnn is your choice for the third and final presidential debate. as mentioned the focus will be on foreign policy. live coverage begins monday, 7:00 easrn. . cnn contributors are here to talk about the debate. okay, guys. the focus is on foreign policy. i find it interesting since foreign policy barely reg jerred for most upons and probably doesn't sway their vote. i think 4% of people say it's a priority for them. 58% of people say that it's -- that the economy is the higher thing here for them. i want you to look at this poll here. do we put the numbers up? 4% foreign policy. the economy, 59%. domestic and social issues are
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33%. are republicans teeing up a carter/reagan 1979 iran hostage crisis to slow the momentum of a president who is strong on foreign policy? brought on the troops, won the nobel tries, bin laden, is that what's happening here if. >> i don't see how they can do that, because of the things you talked about. jimmy carter, he's a great man, i love him as on a post-president, but he was horrible as a president, particularly on foreign policy issues. i don't think there's anything you can hang on this president's head that looks nearly as bad as the way jimmy carter handled the hostage situation. if anything, talking about foreign policy highlights how little is on the other side. >> when we were putting this segment together, as i'm asking l.z. that question, i can see will cain's face, you had the exact reaction that i thought. >> what was that reaction? sorry, the smile was about the nobel peace prize granted before you take office. that's what my smile was about.
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you know, your poll, 4% of americans want to day attention to or think foreign policy should be a priority. we view the presidency as the top legislative pog, inappropriately. when presidencies are defined by that which they have limited control over. 9/11 for george w. bush, the financial crisis it whenning right before president barack obama's election. so when those unexpected moments come, they often come in the form of foreign policy. foreign policy is truthfully the one thing the president has sole province over, virtually, it's his realm. legislati legislation, he deals with two other bodies, senate and house. we shouldn't be giving foreign policy short shrift. we never give it attention until it's in our house. >> a lot has been made over the situation in libya, as you called it. you said it was a libya crisis. and there are many people who are saying, many people on the
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left, saying that republicans are politicizing it, republicans on the right are saying, the white house and administration are being disingenuous about it. i think matthew dowd has a very interesting comment that he made this morning. i want you guys to listen. >> candy crowley did i thought was laudable. what happens in this thing is the truth becomes a casualty. nobody's supposed to say what actually happened, we're supposed to make accusations back and forth to each other and nobody's supposed to correct and say, by the way, that's not true. i thought what candy crowley did, and i hope to do more of that. in the course of this, mitt romney does not want to be talking about libya. >> that wasn't the sound bite that i wanted but it's still about libya. >> that's good for me. >> good, because i disagree with matthew dowd about that. here's the deal. l.z. and i have appeared talking about libya. i'll be interested to see if his opinion has changed. i am disappointed in the debate about libya. dowd's talking about the truth
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but he's talking about a superficial truth, about what was said, when when the word terror was uttered, was it in the rose garden or the day of a, two weeks later in the point is, when the word terror was uttered is strictly a campaign issue, is the not an issue of accountability to the american people. the question has yet to be answered, why susan rice and jay carney said it was attributed to a video and spontaneous attack arising out of that video. there will be answers. it may be the cia told them that's what they thought. we have a report on friday, that conflicts about it a state department report. the bottom line is that question hasn't been answered. why the american people were told something that wasn't true. >> does it have to be one, it can't be both? because of a video and because there was something that was planned? i mean, is it mutually exclusive? it could be a number of things that cause it. >> i don't know if that's possible, don. right now i know these were planned terrorist attacks, these were not arisen out of spontaneous attacks, protest.
6:18 pm
there was no protest. we know there wasn't a protest, not even in response to a video. the point is we don't know the truth as the american people. debating when terror was uttered is not helping us understand the truth. we didn't know it for two weeks. >> well, i think what is foornt that came out of that exchange was that seeing romney in that situation, is a microcosm of his political life. that is, he's willing to say or do anything to win the presidency. i agree, the important questions have not been asked nor answered. but in that moment, when mitt romney was forced to be corrected by the month the raider, what you saw was simply what we've been seeing over and over and over again, which is mitt romney lying. just laying whatever he needs to say in front of whoever's in front of him at the time to get people to vote for him. what happened in that moment allowed people to go, you know what? it isn't about media spin. this guy really does say whatever he needs to in those moments. >> okay. that's going to have to be the last word. i wanted it to be a longer segment but we have breaking
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news. we'll get back to you live throughout the hour on cnn. we'll pick up this talk where we left off. thanks for now. this just in. the police chief from brookfield, wisconsin, has just confirmed that the man suspected in the shooting today inside a hair and nail salon outside milwaukee, wisconsin, has died. radcliffe hougten, believed dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. seven were shot, police say three of those people of now dead. much more on this story this hour and next hour on cnn. what does it take to become a saint? how about carryingure a boy fro flesh-eating pact? bacteria in. stay connected, watch cnn live on your computer, ♪ leaving my homeland
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this next story is about something that's never happened before. pope benedict xvi cannonized the first latin american saint. lily mohawk credited with the
6:23 pm
miraculous recovery of an american boy from a flesh-eating bacteria in 2006 when his family prayed to her. her supporters are thrilled. >> in her time, she had a tradition where she knew her creator very well. and all the rules that go with it. loving and respecting the elders. loving like the earth as in environment. she had all these things and appreciation of all of god's creation. when she became catholic, the creator, god, became jesus that she loved until she died. and she laid a wonderful example for us to be able to live in both cultures. >> the pope named six other new saints, including a german-born woman who emigrated to hawaii to
6:24 pm
help helepers. to cuba where speculation about fidel castro's health has been running rampant but the rumor mill has been running into overdrive after the leader failed to publicly grat late his closest ally hugo chavez on his election victory. now a newly released picture may put that to rest. what do you know, patrick? >> hi, there, don. as always, rumors of fidel castro's demise are remature. it's been seven months since we've seen any pictures of fidel castro. in june, his regular newspaper column suddenly stopped without any explanation. and people just started to talk and talk and talk until it was becoming a worldwide social media phenomenon. is fidel castro? is he i'lling?
6:25 pm
turns out, none of the above. the venezuela vice president who happened to be in havana sprilsed reporters with the knowledge he'd not only seen fa call castro but he was doing great. hotel workers at a hotel where a party was taking place confirmed to us. we saw photos, apparently there are many other photos of a smiling fidel castro. one of the women in that photos is his wife, someone we really see here. as we talk to these hotel workers, the venezuelan ex-vice presidents, we got an image very different from the rumor mill. apparently fidel castro, a money with serious health problems in recent years, is doing well, is going to be with us a little bit longer. apparently those obituaries not ready to run just yet. >> patrick opmann, i understand you spoke to people concerning this, let's listen. >> translator: commandant fidel
6:26 pm
was kind enough to meet with us. yesterday we spoke about five hours, about agriculture, history, and international politics. fidel is doing very well. >> that was a spokesman confirming what you said. thank you, patrick. remembering a staunch liberal who came from republican roots and an amtrak train jumps the tracks. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. coming up about a minute away, we'll give you the headlines. just confirmed to cnn, the man police believe opened fire inside a nail and hair salon this morning is dead. the suspect, radcliffe haughton, 45 years old. police identified him shortly after witnesses say he opened fire with a handgun just as a salon was opening. we're told seven people were wounded, at least three of them reported dead. details still fluid and i'll tell you more as we confirm them right here on cnn. an amtrak train derailed outside chicago this moneying. 12 people were hurt. the train left chicago for pontiac, michigan, when it lost contact with the trucks. it never helped over. none of the injuries were
6:30 pm
serious. united states senator george mcgovern has died. the governor died before dawn at a hospice in south dakota. a decorated bomber pilot in world war ii, mcgovern was elected to the house in the 1950s, to the senate in the 1960s. he was the 1972 democratic nominee for president. he lost to richard nixon. george mcgovern was 90. cnn contributors l.z. granderson, wil cain are back to talk about politics. we're having an interesting conversation about libya. let's listen to this, matthew dowd again this morning. >> i think -- let me say one thing to put this benghazi thing in context. of like, why don't we have answers, where are they? i worked for president bush. we had a president in an administration for years, made an argument about weapons of mass destruction, for years. now we've lost thousands of lives in iraq based on a false assumption, and all of it. it wasn't two weeks, this was months and months and months of
6:31 pm
a conversation where we never got the right answer to this, and we still today, nobody in the administration at a high enough level -- >> the point is intelligence hoof gathering is bad. >> for people who are not partisan, who are not way far on the left or right, matthew dowd make add lot of sense. we're still trying to figure out where the weapons of mass destruction are, years after 9/11. years after the invasion in iraq. and then two weeks after the sad, horrific thing that happened in benghazi and also in egypt, we're wanting all of the answers in a couple of weeks? what gives here? it does seem to be plit sized. he makes sense. >> i don't think, don -- now, in our last conversation nor the point i'm about to make here, that i'm making any political point. i'm making a point the american people deserve to hear an answer to. just because you can point out a failure from a previous administration doesn't excuse a failure in a current administration. >> hit point was, he says both
6:32 pm
sides do it, and i agree. in this instance it happens to be the right. he is saying that no one steps back and takes a breath and waits for information. of course people deserve to have answers but why would you -- >> bringing me to my -- >> asking someone to have all the answers in a week or two when your very own party did not expect someone in your own party to have it in years, and still has not expected anyone -- the bush administration to come up with an answer for that. >> i got it. don't do the party thing because i'm not defending a party, nor indicting a party. i'm indicting a process and statements. that brings me to my second point, to answer your question. i'm not demanding answers. i'm demanding you tell me, obama administration, jay carney, susan rice, why you tell me you did have an affirmative answer. you didn't tell me you don't know. you told me you did have an answer. you said it was a spontaneous attack in response to a video.
6:33 pm
don't act like that didn't have a cost. every jihady in the world knows not only who he is but where he lived. i'm asking to explain not why they did not have the answers, but why they did. >> that makes sense but you can't expect to have all the answers in just a matter of moments. >> i don't think i said that. >> okay. all right, go ahead, l.z. >> don, if i will, i don't see how you can't look at the situation and see both parties are hugely at fault. president obama, his administration, they needed to be more thoughtful in how they actually addressed this issue, addressed this tragedy. but we cannot pretend as if romney, whose trace, future administration, called foreign policy a distraction, who on video said that he didn't care and was going to kick this ball down the road, we can't pretend all of a sudden his excitement
6:34 pm
about foreign policy isn't also motivated by politics. in this situation we need to call both men out, call both their advisers out on this, and the american people, as will said, deserve to know the truth. >> very good. very well put, thank you both. let's move on and talk about the electoral votes and popular votes. are we headed for a 2001 again where one person wins the popular vote and the other person wins the electoral votes and then we are up all night for weeks and weeks trying to figure out who the actual president is? will? >> i'm going to let l.z. -- i'd rather you had gone to l.z. on that. >> i'll go ahead and jump in first and say that, you know -- >> please. >> if they do end up tied for some reason, the process seems to suggest congress would be the deciding body. i can't think of anything more horrific than having one of the worst congresses in the history of this country deciding who's going to be president.
6:35 pm
especially giving all of the conversation we've heard about voter suppression, now we're understanding that the romney family may have investments in voting machines. i tell you what, if you thought it got ugly in 2000, let this election come down to, you know, a minute number or worse yet have the house decide that romney's president. this is going to be ugly, we do not want 269-269. >> will, why do you want to stay out of this conversation? >> because i don't know. look, neither does l.z., none of us know. 269-269, how likely is that, i would guess as likely as a hole in one. it's possible but i don't think it's going to happen. if it's 269-269, the house of representatives would decide the outcome, that's something l.z. does not want to happen. >> that's something you don't want to see happen, i'm sure. >> i don't, for the country, you're right. i was talking more to the fact the house of representatives will be solid republican. regarding your point, popular versus electoral, we don't need
6:36 pm
that as a country. though that would certainly be a better scenario than having the house of representatives decide the presidency. >> all right. we have lots more to talk about, so you guys will be back. we're going to try to get this binders full of women thing in here here. >> oh, good. >> hold your horse in this a few minutes. there's more news to come here. we're going to talk about the world of facebook. and then the trekkies voyage into the record books as well. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used.
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picture this, a federal informant connects with a would-be terrorist. they had to plan and then the would-be terrorist gets busted. be these suspects ever have done any harm if they hadn't crossed paths with an informant? does it even help to get these prospective terrorists off the streets? susan candiotti takes a closer look. >> reporter: it was a top story grabbing a lot of attention. >> breaking news. the fbi says it's foiled a plot. >> the man did not know he was being tracked by an fbi sting. >> the suspect faces charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> reporter: an alleged plot to
6:44 pm
set off a car bomb outside new york's federal reserve bank. the accused? a 21-year-old college student from bangladesh who prosecutors say made contact with an informant who brought in several undercover agents to help him build a dummy bomb. yet, on his own, could the student have pulled off his alleged scheme to "destroy america"? the justice department stands by its use of an informant, charging the man claimed al qaeda connections and actively saupgt recruits. the criminal defense lawyer ron kuby, who is not involved in this case, questions the government's use of informants in this investigation and others. prosecutors would say, we're not building the bomb, they're going out there and buying the ingredients, they're the ones that are taking the active role in this. >> but that's not true. these people, for the most part, lack any capacity to carry into practice the evil things that they want to do. they have absolutely no ability
6:45 pm
to do it. sometimes they're of subnormal or dramatically subnormal intelligence. >> reporter: there's an ongoing debate over how informants are used. in 2006, the so-called liberty city seven were secretly recorded by the fbi. mainly homeless men in miami with an inform a culesed in a plot to blow up federal buildings and chicago's sears tower. after the first of two mistrials a jury foreman said this. >> i don't think any of us on the jury really felt these guys were really that dangerous or really "terrorists." >> reporter: after a third trial, five of the men were convicted. last year, in another controversial case involving this man, the fbi dropped its investigation because according to sources, there were questions about possible entrapment involving an informant. new york city authorities say the case is solid and are prosecuting jose pimentel, an
6:46 pm
alleged al qaeda sympathizer accused of plotting to set off pipe bombs. police couoffered this mock-up powerful the bombs could have been. those images or just the prospect of them can be enough to convince juries, according to cnn national security analyst peter bergen. >> there's 100% conviction or pleading guilty rate. so juries are just not buying the idea that these guys are getting entrapped. >> i don't know that i disagree with the fact that this person should be removed from the street. >> reporter: i sense there's a "but" coming in. >> the "but" is we want law enforcement, when law enforcement gets involved, to defuse these things, rather than to encourage people to act out their angriest moments. >> reporter: going undercover, using informants, deciding who's really capable of launching a terror attack. that's the issue. and making that call can have
6:47 pm
life-changing consequences. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. this election season has comedians busy. are the late-night parodies closer to reality than we want to believe? wherever we go, you go too. watch cnn on your computer at work, on your smartphone. ♪ ♪ ♪
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lz and will are back. let's spend some time talking about mitt romney during the debate, binders full of women. lz, why is this a talking point for the left? >> well, first of all, it's just an offensive way to talk about half the country. talk about employees, talk about future leaders, binders full of women. and then we find out he lied again, that this scenario he painted during the debate did not happen at all. he was just trying to score points. so the reason why its such a talking point is because, one, he characterized women in such a demeaning way and then, two, he lied about it on top of it. >> okay. so, listen, i don't disagree with anything you said. i just wonder why everybody single word that comes out of
6:51 pm
someone's mouth, you say, my gosh, look what he said. when president obama said you didn't build that, the people on the left said you know what he meant. he was talking about this. if mitt romney is talking about reaching out to women and said, i asked for binders full of women or women's names or i needed -- >> they brought him binders full of women. >> why don't people understand what he meant by that rather than him saying something that's inartful? will, go ahead. >> well, it's a better question for lz. look, here is the deal, i just think it was funny. i know it became a social media mem and it was funny. but does it carry any big social significance? lz said it's offensive. i this i you're trying to make something out of nothing. i know why you're doing it. i know the narrative going into it, the war on women, that his policies affect women, all of which i would be happy to debate
6:52 pm
on a substantive level each and every one but binders full of women doesn't prove up any of that. >> it does sound bad. if you had said binders full of gays. it sounds bad but you get -- >> binders full of black people. >> yeah, well, you get what people -- i'm being told we have to move on. play this "snl" clip and then we'll talk. >> gas prices are a little high if you ask me, so how come you don't do nothing about that? all right, thank you, all right. >> well, eugene, obviously we need to do everything we can to become energy independent. >> really? then why have you cut drilling permits on federal land by half? >> that's not true. >> so how much did you cut? >> not true. >> doesn't cut anything, you're not going to cut anything. >> i'm about to cut you. >> i'd like to see that. i'd like to see that. >> let me at him, dad. >> come on. sit down tagg, not now. dwr dwroo. >> talking about tagg romney talking about wanting to take a
6:53 pm
swing at the president. sometimes the truth is often spoken in jest. that was uncomfortable for a lot of people. decorum, they thought this was beneath the two men to act this way. first lz. >> it's ridiculous. we need to get over it. we need to look at our history. i think wasn't president hoover having rotten fruit thrown at his car when he left d.c. i think it's the way it's always been. if we're too sen tiff to look at two men arguing, we don't agree to have a thoughtful conversation. >> agree with lz. >> will is in the new gq and lz and i are mentioned as well except they got their information wrong, details, sorry. >> all the stuff -- >> i got my information wrong. yes. but detames, it's not right. he did not take us to task. >> i always do, every sunday
6:54 pm
night. >> he doesn't know where task is located. he can't take us there. leanup c. leanup c. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. this is the first leg of our world challenge with the cadillac ats. this is actually starting to feel real now. [ ross ] this is the perfect place to test the ats's advanced aerodynamics. [ derek ] we've got crosswinds, tailwinds, headwinds. aerodynamics is all about keeping the car planted on the road. you are going to get hit by stuff, so don't freak out. [ screaming with excitement ] and move out now. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cadillac ats. ♪ since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894,
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best time of year for baseball fans, october playoffs. sports analyst larry smith here. he's also doing some postseason reports for bleacher let's start with the national league here. st. louis leads san francisco three games to two. and then they play game six later tonight. >> this will be really good. it's a pitching rematch of game two, but keep in mind, these are a couple teams that in the national league division series,
6:57 pm
both were on the verge of being out. the cardinals down to the last strike twice and the giants were 0-2 at home, had to win three straight in cincinnati to move on. this could go to a game seven tomorrow night. it's been a thrilling series. >> the yankees and who else -- the yankees and detroit tigers. a-rod is out, the hottest player in the league. what is going on here. where is this going to end up? >> to quote my colleague adam everett at bleacher over at turner, the yankees have to make a decision. they're either all in or they're all out. is he going to be your thiferd baseman every day? he was not in the lineup in a couple games. you're paying him $28 million. >> that's what i mean. what do you think it will end up for him. is he going to be able to come back and be the player he once was? >> he was be 38 in july and players' skills decrease as they get older. you ask yourself why -- they have five years, why pay a-rod that kind of money. the answer is simple, marketing.
6:58 pm
great organizations understand you have to pay the money to keep that brand up and having a-rod on your roster as you can see here, the money he's due, he's the big man and even if they have to eat some salary, he has a no-trade clause as well, he's still a-rod and he's a yankees. >> $28 million next year, is that what he's going to get paid? >> guaranteed. >> career numbers, fifth in home runs, seventh in rbis, tenth in runs scored. already a hall of famer. he's 36 years ole and he's going to get $29 million next year. that's a lot of doe, dude. >> it's good cash to sit the bench during a playoff series. listen, take nothing away from him. he's one of the all-time greats, and what he has done, he's done it for a very long time. >> his admission back in 2009 that he used steroids for a while, does that play any role into -- is that going to play any role into his future or is that all behind him? >> i think the fact he admitted it is a big part of that. the numbers speak for
6:59 pm
themselves. the question will be will those voting five years after he retires, which is probably, again, eight or nine years from now, will they hold that against him? my gut is no, but we'll see. >> lance armstrong, it's been a bad couple weeks. he had to step down. they said he was -- this is the most sophisticated doping operation they've ever seen in the sport. a lot of his sponsors are gone, people are asking for their money back. but he said he's never admitted it. do you think that he is hoping that people, i don't know, somehow think that because of his history, because of what he's done and because he hasn't denied it, that the court of public opinion will swing in his favor? >> you know, i guess so. it seems -- and here is the thing that's funny. you talk about a-rod and lance armstrong. nike dropped lance armstrong and we don't have any concrete evidence of doping, only what we're hear being, but they stuck with a-rod to


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